Overwatch 2 Season 11 Midseason Update – TRANSFORMERS, Summer Games, new Mythic Weapon skin, and more!

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Overwatch 2 Season 11 Midseason Update – TRANSFORMERS, Summer Games, new Mythic Weapon skin, and more!

An exciting update for Overwatch 2 has arrived and with it brings new skins, new rewards, and fan-favorite ways to play. Roll out with unique cosmetics in a heroic collaboration with the TRANSFORMERS and forge your legend with the inaugural Mythic Weapon skin added to the Mythic Shop. Then break out the sunscreen as you hit the beach with the 2024 Summer Games event and all new Lifeguard themed skins to collect. Finally, get ready to choose new passives to power-up in a Quick Play Hacked event.

More than Meets the Eye

Calling all TRANSFORMERS fans, you’re needed in the Overwatch 2 universe for our newest collab event!  Join the epic battle between the AUTOBOTS and DECEPTICONS with Reinhardt as Optimus Prime, Ramattra as Megatron, Bastion as Bumblebee, and Illari as Arcee. Each hero bundle comes packed with additional TRANSFORMERS cosmetic effects including highlight intros, victory poses, player icons, and name cards. You can also unlock the entire collection in an exclusive mega bundle and show off iconic TRANSFORMERS-inspired memorabilia.

And starting today, you can earn new AUTOBOT and DECEPTICON themed player icons, name cards, and titles to show your allegiance as you ROLL OUT!


Fun in the Sun

Summer Games 2024 is here, and your favorite Summer themed brawls are back in the arcade. Score goals in fan-favorite Lucio Ball, where your team of three Lucio’s strike and boop the giant football into the opponent’s goal on three challenging maps. You can also turn it up a notch with Lucio Ball Remix, where you carefully manage multiple balls that will have you jumping and riding in nonstop wall-to-wall action. Or hit the beach with your friends as you spike a goal in Winston’s Beach Volleyball, showing off some of your favorite Summer themed skins, unlockable and earnable via the in-game shop and Hero Gallery. Earn new player icons, sprays and bonus XP as you complete challenges with these fun modes and more. Hurry, because the summer sun sets on these game modes and rewards July 29.


Then launching on July 30, check out the in-game shop to dip into new Lifeguard themed skins including Lifeguard Roadhog, Lifeguard Lifeweaver, Lifeguard Kiriko, and Beach Rescue Mercy. Complete the set as you progress through the Premium Battle Pass, where you can earn Lifeguard Lucio and Lifeguard Junkrat as well. Perfect for beach battles and sunny skirmishes, these vivid skins add a splash of summer style to your collection.


Quick Play Hacked Returns with Pickable Passives

The next Quick Play Hacked comes for a limited two-day event starting on Monday, July 15. Taking over the Quick Play modes for Role Queue and Open Queue, you’ll pick powerful passive upgrades to add onto your role for Tank, Damage or Support. Tanks can choose from getting more armor, resisting status effects, or speeding up their cooldowns when they are low on health. Damage heroes can choose from more ammunition, increased movement speed, or focusing down low-health targets by spotting them behind obstacles. Supports can improve their utility and increase cooldown speeds by sacrificing healing, identify when allies or enemies have their Ultimates ready, or get a burst of speed to get out of danger when low on health. You can pick and change your passive at the start of every match and whenever you are in respawning or changing heroes in the spawn room.

This is a unique way to play that will see how well each individual player’s choices can impact the entire game. How will you choose to power up your hero?


Unleash Your Bound Demon

The Mythic Shop is revealing its first Mythic Weapon skin! When you equip Reinhardt’s Bound Demon Weapon Skin, you’ll be able to flourish a powerful and fiery hammer with the burning rage of a demon. Unleash spectacular fire strikes and watch as your opponents burst into flames with every elimination you score! As you storm through every team fight, your weapon can grow in its power and react to your gameplay. The choice is yours as you earn Mythic Prisms from the Premium Battle Pass and unlock this incredible weapon skin and its upgradable effects (or unlock the wickedly evil Mythic Calamity Empress Ashe Hero Skin).


Summer is here, and the action in Overwatch 2 is just heating up! Oh, before we go, we’re hearing some commotion happening in Dorado. So, jump in heroes and find out what could be going on there.