Roar Into the Lunar New Year – Year of the Dragon Now Live

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Roar Into the Lunar New Year – Year of the Dragon Now Live

The Year of the Dragon is here, featuring the return of fan-favorite Mischief and Magic prop hunt, past Lunar New Year game modes, new rewards, and all new skins in the shop. Read on to discover what adventures and rewards await when you log onto Overwatch 2.

Prop Hunt Returns

To kick things off, Mischief and Magic, which first premiered in Season 5, is back with an updated ruleset and an additional map to play on. Rouge Kiriko has snuck off to the Lijiang Night Market, and it will be up to Knight Genji to figure out if she’s hiding as a firework rocket, a paper lamp, or over a dozen other possible props. Genji will have to be careful this time though, as he now takes a small amount of damage whenever he uses his melee to check a spot. Careful coordination with your teammates on where to search will be key to your success. Catching Kiriko or using your Dragonblade will help restore your health. The team that wins three rounds will be victorious.


Play Lunar New Year Event Modes

Lunar New Year also brings back three fan-favorite arcade brawls. Play Capture The Flag, a 5v5 brawl to capture enemy flags and bring them back to your base while preventing your opponents from doing the same. Step up the pace with Capture the Flag Blitz, a fast-paced version of Capture the Flag with flag bases closer to each other, where teams will need to strike hard and fast at their opponents if they want to score.


Bounty Hunter, the Deathmatch free-for-all game mode, also returns, where players seek out the one who has a bounty on them and then become the bounty target themselves. Score points faster while being the top target hunted by your opponents. Fireworks will fly as you play in these fun modes throughout the Year of the Dragon event.

Complete Challenges for New Rewards

Year of the Dragon also brings new rewards and a bountiful amount of bonus XP to complete your Season 8 Battle Pass. Test your skills in Prop Hunt and complete games in Overwatch 2 to earn up to 50,000 bonus XP. The Dragon Dance series of collectible sprays also returns with earnable new sprays for all Overwatch 2 heroes. Finally, prove yourself as the ultimate Mischief and Magic player and complete challenges to earn limited-time titles that you can only earn this year.

Celebrate the Year of the Dragon Today

The Year of the Dragon seasonal event starts today. Players who log in now through February 19 will earn the Year of the Dragon player icon for free.

Starting next week, you can collect stylish Lunar New Year-themed skins for your heroes available in the in-game shop, including Turtleship Legendary D.Va, Dragonfire Legendary Bastion, and Thai culture-inspired Mystic Swan Legendary Mercy.

We wish you good fortune this Lunar New Year, and we’ll see you in game.