Fun in the Sun returns with the Overwatch 2 Summer Games

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Fun in the Sun returns with the Overwatch 2 Summer Games

Put on your sunscreen, fire up the barbecue, and break out the volleyball, because the Summer Games seasonal event is finally back! We’re bringing back fan-favorite Lúcioball, and introducing a brand-new game mode, Winston’s Beach Volleyball. Plus, check out fresh challenges and rewards when you play and the all-new skins in the in-game shop. Here’s what we have lined up for this year’s beach party.

Introducing Winston’s Beach Volleyball

The Summer Games of Overwatch saw the debut of Lúcioball, and for the first Summer Games in Overwatch 2, we’re doing it again with the introduction of Winston’s Beach Volleyball. You’ll be scrambling across the sand in an exciting 3v3 brawl where your Summer-themed hero will bounce a giant volleyball to the opponent’s side of the field. The first to score ten points wins. Take your shot and spike the ball to victory!


Strike a goal in Lúcioball

Lúcioball is back! This unique sports-themed brawl pits two teams of Lúcio players together as they work to score a goal by bouncing a giant ball across the field. You’ll run, jump, and wallride as you race to line up the perfect shot to the opponent’s goal. Play on three unique maps, each with different obstacles and terrain. And if one ball is not enough excitement, you can amp it up with Lúcioball Remix, where more balls--including triple-point bonus balls--fly throughout the arena!


Make a splash with new skins & cosmetics

This year, we’re featuring a bunch of sizzling-hot rewards when you complete Summer Games event challenges. You’ll be able to collect new sprays and player icons for Overwatch 2 heroes, along with a new spray, victory pose, and Epic skin for Doomfist! You’ll also be able to earn a Lúcioball Weapon Charm and up to 50,000 Battle Pass XP!

Mercy gets a cool summer look too, as she dives to your team’s rescue with her new Lifeguard Legendary skin, available for a limited time in the in-game shop!

You’ll be able to play and party in the Summer Games through July 24. Log into Overwatch 2 any time during the seasonal event to earn a new Summer Games 2023 Player Icon. Come and have some fun in the sun today!