Become a Hero of the Galaxy in Starwatch – Now Live

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Become a Hero of the Galaxy in Starwatch – Now Live

The Infinite Empire rules the galaxy with an iron grip, and all hope would be lost if not for a small band of rebels known as the Watchers, who fight for freedom across the stars. Log on starting May 9 for Starwatch: Galactic Rescue, an epic one-of-a-kind space event.

Starwatch: Galactic Rescue is Overwatch 2’s first-ever PVP/PVE hybrid event. Two teams face off on a four-point Assault match staged on the Infinite Galactrius, a starship transformed from the Horizon Lunar Colony Assault map. The Watchers, led by Bonebreaker Doomfist, will attack against the defending Infinite Empire.


Choose your side and join the fight

When you queue, you’ll choose to ally with the Watcher’s rebellion or join the Infinite Empire’s command. If your loyalties lie elsewhere, queue as a Mercenary to get into the next mission quickly and serve whichever side you’re assigned.

The Infinite Empire suffers no fools, and they’re well-equipped to stop any intruders. This team has special artillery throughout the facility that will attack the Watchers.

But the Watchers have help too. Bonebreaker will help aid this team as you charge in to rescue 3CH-0, portrayed by Echo. Both teams will want to take advantage of the Gravity Implosion Barrels throughout the facility, as destroying the container will unleash a small, yet powerful black hole that will catch anyone in its wake, leaving them vulnerable to attack.


An Echo of Hope

Immerse yourself in the story behind the event with the all-new comic, Starwatch: An Echo of Hope. This tale sets the stage of how the Watchers barely escaped the clutches of Galactic Emperor Sigma, but their friend 3CH-0 is captured and now the Infinite Empire wants to reprogram her into a powerful weapon that threatens the galaxy. Leading up to the mission where the Watchers rescue 3CH-0 from the Infinite Empire’s starship.

Who will win?

We’ll tally up the total number of wins for both the Watchers and the Infinite Empire. The side that wins the most battles will determine the fate of galaxy in a second comic, to be released after the in-game event concludes.


Cosmic Challenges & Rewards

The adventures do not end with Starwatch: Galactic Rescue. Cosmic event challenges await that unlock all-new cosmic cosmetics, including a brand-new Asteroid Epic skin for Wrecking Ball, along with 50,000 XP to help complete your Premium Battle Bass and unlock the Mythic skin for Galactic Emperor Sigma himself. Finally, embark on new adventures as your favorite rebel from the Watchers or soldier from the Infinite Empire, with limited-time bundles available in the in-game shop!

Log onto Overwatch 2 today and help save or conquer the galaxy! Starwatch: Galactic Rescue begins May 9 and runs through May 22.