One-Punch Man x Overwatch 2 Event

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One-Punch Man x Overwatch 2 Event

Blizzard and One-Punch Man are teaming up to bring the first major collaboration to Overwatch 2! Starting tomorrow, March 7, and going through April 6, you’ll be able to collect all-new skins celebrating One-Punch Man characters and take part in our One-Punch Man event challenges to nab cool rewards, including an exclusive FREE Legendary Mumen Rider-Soldier: 76 skin.

Heroes Celebrating Heroes

When bringing the universe of One-Punch Man to Overwatch 2, we wanted to do it in a way that shows our heroes celebrating Saitama and his friends. Looking at the hero roster, Doomfist was a perfect fit for donning the iconic yellow suit and white cape, capturing the signature trademark of Saitama’s ability to defeat any enemy in a single punch!

Genji also gets a whole new look, going from cybernetic ninja to the cybernetic brawler, Genos! And, when it came to bringing the powerful psychic, Terrible Tornado to life, we knew no other Overwatch 2 hero could match her personality better than Kiriko!

Each of these three One-Punch Man skins will be offered as part of special store bundles that include other new One-Punch Man cosmetics, and all three bundles will be offered together at a discount.


New Challenges & Earnable Rewards

Players will be able to punch their way through challenges throughout this event! Queue up into any Unranked, Competitive, or Arcade game mode and earn up to six different free rewards, including the Legendary Mumen Rider-Soldier: 76 skin. Here’s the breakdown for the rewards you can earn:

  • 4 games played – Saitama’s Fist Weapon Charm
  • 8 games played – Mumen Rider Name Card
  • 12 games played – Cyclist of Justice Victory Pose for Soldier: 76
  • 16 games played – Justice Crash Highlight Intro for Soldier: 76
  • 20 games played – Boros Weapon Charm
  • 24 games played – Legendary Mumen Rider-Soldier: 76 skin

Tune into Twitch for more!

Tune in tomorrow, March 7 at 10:55 A.M. PST for our world-premiere reveal trailer and a special Overwatch 2 Dev Chat Live stream featuring Game Director Aaron Keller, Art Director Dion Rogers, and Senior Artist Rakan Khamash as they dive into the process of making these incredible skins.

Be sure to pick up your favorite One-Punch Man skins from the in-game shop and earn the themed collectibles from our event challenges before the event ends on April 6!