Feel the love with the Ultimate Valentine event!

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Feel the love with the Ultimate Valentine event!

Love is in the air and Overwatch 2 is celebrating Valentine's Day with an all-new event—Ultimate Valentine! Take part in a new arcade brawl, earn new cosmetics through special event challenges, and take aim in a new dating sim adventure to become the perfect companion for Genji or Mercy!

Date Genji or Mercy in Loverwatch

For the first time ever, we’re bringing a new, interactive experience to the Overwatch universe with the introduction of Loverwatch – Love Never Dies! Loverwatch is a non-canonical, short-form dating simulator where you’ll follow Genji or Mercy to romantic locations based on some of your favorite Overwatch maps. Earn exclusive titles that show love for your date while discovering inside jokes, easter eggs, and even a secret ending depending on how you treat your companion!

Check out Loverwatch today and earn free in-game rewards including Hanzo’s Cupid’s Kiss highlight intro and cute titles, which will automatically be granted to your account in a future patch. You can also purchase the new highlight intro as part of a bundle in the in-game shop—if you earn the highlight intro first, a discount for the bundle will be applied.

Loverwatch is available through February 28 at Loverwatch.gg and is optimized for most major desktop web browsers. The experience is not supported on most non-desktop web-based browsers and devices.

For the "Love of Geometry"

We’re bringing the fight for romance to PvP with a new brawl, Love of Geometry. This team Deathmatch brawl pits teams of four Cupid Hanzos against each other to determine which is the ultimate love squad!

The best part is that an original ability for Hanzo, Scatter Arrow, makes its return! Scatter Arrow bounces, splits, and ricochets his arrowhead in different directions. Bringing it back for this limited-time and light-hearted mode is the perfect way for new players to experience Hanzo’s love of geometry!

There’s also a surprise waiting when you fire Hanzo's ultimate ability, Dragonstrike, that we’re sure you are going to love!

Cupid Hanzo striking at your hearts

During this limited-time event, you can pick up the all-new Cupid Hanzo legendary skin in the shop! Inspired by Cupid's various depictions, our art team found it a fun challenge to balance romantic, godlike, cute, and of course. . . heroic themes while making it.

With many unique touches, Cupid Hanzo features heart designs in the quiver and shoes, integrates tech art for his wings to flutter as he lunges through the air, adds heart VFX to every arrow shot, and includes a ton of fun sound effects! We’re excited for players to finally get their hands on this highly requested skin!



The Ultimate Valentine’s event starts today, log in now to receive a free Cupid player icon and voice line for Junkrat! We’ve also introduced rewarding new challenges for the occasion that can be completed with any hero in any game mode to earn sprays, voice lines, emotes, and more. Complete all six challenges and you’ll receive the Lucio Bitrate Epic Skin!

Have a great Valentine's Day! We love you, and we hope you enjoy the event!