Join us for the AverageJonas & LuluLuvely Community Tournament

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Join us for the AverageJonas & LuluLuvely Community Tournament

It's a holiday rumble in the Overwatch community! AverageJonas, LuluLuvely, will be joined by creators to compete in a community tournament on Tuesday, December 20. The tournament will have two groups of 4 teams compete in a round-robin to find the first two teams to get to two wins, and will then be followed by the top four teams competing in a single-elimination bracket with a $25,000 prize pool on the line!

Team Captains

Tournament Structure

The tournament will sort out the eight teams into groups of four teams. The teams in each group will face off against each other for a round-robin. Each match will play in a first-to-two map wins format. The two teams in each group that wins two matches will advance to a single-elimination bracket. Each match in the single-elimination bracket will play in a first-to-three map wins format.

Team Captains will recruit players from their communities, along with other creators, to join them. All participants must be in good standing and eligible to play Overwatch 2. Blizzard Entertainment will approve team members before the tournament begins.

Tune into AverageJonas and LuluLuvely’s Twitch Channels starting on December 20 at 12 PM PST to watch the action!