Overwatch 2 Forecast: Festivities, friends, and a definite chance of Winter Wonderland!

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Overwatch 2 Forecast: Festivities, friends, and a definite chance of Winter Wonderland!

Event Overview

The Winter Wonderland festivities have arrived! From now until January 4, join in special arcade game modes like Freeze Thaw elimination, Yeti Hunter, Snowball Deathmatch, and Mei's Snowball Offensive. Complete wintery challenges alongside these limited-time modes to earn weapon charms, player icons, sprays, and more—including the Ice Queen Epic Brigitte skin.

Oh, what fun it is to play some festive games today

We’ve got some ice-cold arcade modes lined up for this year’s Winter Wonderland! First up is Mei’s Snowball Offensive, where Mei no longer fires a stream of frost or icicles but instead fires snowballs to instantly knock out her opponents in a 6v6 Elimination or an 8-player FFA Deathmatch ruleset.


Next is Mei’s Yeti Hunt, a unique 5v1 raid-boss brawl. A Yeti is stealing food from the local village, and it’s up to the team of five Mei players to set traps and freeze the rampaging Yeti—but be careful! If he steals too much meat, he will go into an outrage and can easily wipe out the enemy team. Carefully spread out, set your traps, and catch the Yeti!


Finally, Freezethaw Elimination is Overwatch 2’s version of freeze tag, where the goal is to freeze all the opponents by eliminating them while getting your own teammates back in the game by thawing them. No game is ever truly complete unless you make sure to chill each of your opponents to the bone in this fast-paced elimination game mode.


Twitch drops

Update December 26, 2022 - Twitch Drops for the Winter Wonderland event have now begun and will run through Wednesday January 4, 12:00 PST. 
Update December 25, 2022 - We are currently aware of and investigating an issue that is preventing our Winter Wonderland Twitch Drops from starting today. Continue to follow our official Twitter feeds at @PlayOverwatch and @BlizzardCS for updates to our Twitch Drops schedule. Thank you for your understanding, and Happy Holidays!

Keep the fun going with your favorite Overwatch 2 streamers on Twitch! Starting December 25 through January 4, tune into drops-enabled channels under the Overwatch 2 category and earn merry and bright D.Va cosmetics.

Watch for 2 hours to earn the Festive D.Va Victory Pose and watch an additional 4 hours to earn the Sleighing D.Va Legendary Skin!

DVaFestiveVP_1920x1080.pngFestive D.Va Victory Pose

DVaSleighedSkin_1920x1080.jpgSleighing Legendary D.Va Skin

If your Battle.net account isn’t set up to earn Twitch Drops, check out the FAQ on our Season 2 Twitch Drops blog.

From the Overwatch team to you

As we kick off the fun, the team would like to share a little something from us to you. Log into Overwatch 2 from December 20 to January 4 to receive the Festive Wreath weapon charm and the 2023 player icon.

Don’t forget to keep an eye out on the shop for rotating holiday bundles and specials! Winter Wonderland is a heart-warming celebration, and we can’t wait to share all the seasonal cosmetics and game modes with you.

We’ll see you in-game, and stay frosty, friends!