Overwatch at BlizzConline: A recap

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Overwatch at BlizzConline: A recap

Behind the Scenes of Overwatch 2

The Overwatch 2 team dove into the game’s development process and shared some sneak peeks of upcoming content, including new maps, PvP role updates, hero missions, revamped hero looks, and story.


The Voices of Overwatch

Voice actors Darin De Paul (Reinhardt), Fred Tatasciore (Soldier: 76), Charlet Chung (D.Va), Matthew Mercer (McCree), and Jeannie Bolet (Echo) shared their experiences bringing the characters of Overwatch to life, discussed doing voice recording from their home offices, and put on an in-character improv performance for viewers.


Creating a Soundtrack

Blizzard music director Derek Duke spoke with composers responsible for creating some of the most iconic pieces that bring the future-possible world of Overwatch to life.


Overwatch League: Shock vs. The World

The two-time Overwatch League champion San Francisco Shock took on a dream team of pro players, streamers, community figures, and other surprise guests.


Community-Made Creations in the Workshop

Overwatch team engineers Dan Reed and Zach Metcalf interviewed some of the game’s most ambitious community creators about their workshop endeavors, including the creators of McCree’s Hot Potato, PMAJellies Aim Trainer, Conquest, and more.


Overwatch League: Crafts with Soe

Watchpoint host Soe Gschwind gave players a masterclass in pachimari perfection, teaching them step-by-step how to create their very own clay pachi-pal.


Blizzard Art Studio: Overwatch

Overwatch team artists Arnold Tsang, Morten Skaalvik, Qiu Fang, and Andrew Menjivar taught players step-by-step how to draw Tracer, Roadhog, Reaper, and Zenyatta.


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