Overwatch Digital Comic: "Junkenstein"

Overwatch Digital Comic: "Junkenstein"

The ninth issue in our ongoing series of digital comics has arrived: Junkenstein! This special holiday release sets the stage for our latest seasonal event, introducing players to the host of macabre monsters and machines they'll face during Overwatch Halloween Terror.

In "Junkenstein," readers travel back to Overwatch's heyday, catching up with the agents as they enjoy some much-needed Halloween downtime. Admist the celebration, Reinhardt regales the team with the terrifying tale of Jamison Junkenstein, a mad doctor who's controlled by a thirst for revenge...


Written by Blizzard's own Michael Chu and Matt Burns, and illustrated by Gray Shuko (Fruity Frags), "Junkenstein" is now available at comic.playoverwatch.com. You can also experience all of Halloween's spooky sights and sounds with the Madefire motion book version of "Junkenstein"—now available on desktop, mobile, and Apple TV.

We hope you enjoy it, and stay tuned for more Overwatch comics coming soon!