Dispense some justice in Cassidy’s New Blood Challenge!

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Dispense some justice in Cassidy’s New Blood Challenge!

Saddle up and ride into action to earn new limited-time rewards, including the Sandstorm Cassidy skin.

From now until November 23, players will be able to earn a player icon, seven unique sprays, and Sandstorm Cassidy (epic) for a total of nine new rewards.

  • WANTED: DEAD OR ALIVE - Learn how to unlock rewards
  • WATCH TO EARN - Earn special Cassidy-themed cosmetics by watching Twitch streams
  • NEW BLOOD - Learn more about the latest Overwatch comic starring everyone’s favorite gunslinger


Playing games in Quick Play, Competitive Play, and Arcade will earn you a limited-time player icon, an Ana and Cassidy spray, and Sandstorm Cassidy, in addition to regular weekly rewards! Each win counts as two games.


Unlock additional rewards by watching Twitch streamers to get even more Cassidy-themed cosmetics. Tune in to any Twitch streamer while they’re playing Overwatch now through November 23 to earn six Cassidy’s New Blood Challenge sprays!

IMPORTANT: To be eligible to receive these Twitch Drops, you must first link your Battle.net account to your Twitch account. Visit the Twitch Connections page to log in and complete the link now.

Cassidy’s New Blood Challenge drops will be available November 9 – November 23. All channels streaming in the Twitch Overwatch game category will be available for rewards.

We’ll be spotlighting Overwatch content creators each day throughout New Blood Challenge! Catch some of your favorite creators throughout the event to unlock cosmetics.

Broadcaster Spotlight Date / Time (PDT) Channel
Fareeha November 9 (10:00 – 20:00) twitch.tv/Fareeha
Merciful November 10 (01:00 – 06:00) twitch.tv/Merciful
Violet November 11 (12:00 – 18:00) twitch.tv/violet
Blue November 12 (03:00 – 05:00) twitch.tv/blue_kao
Hoshizora November 14 (14:00 – 19:00) twitch.tv/hoshizoraow
Mr Yee November 16 (05:00 – 08:00) twitch.tv/zax82410
Somjuu November 17 (15:00 – 22:00) twitch.tv/somjuu
Bus November 18 (22:00 – 03:00) twitch.tv/helloitsbus
JoystickOW November 19 (10:00 – 22:00) twitch.tv/joystick
Toniki November 20 (07:00 – 13:00) twitch.tv/toniki
Warn November 21 (16:00 – 23:59) twitch.tv/warn
EeveeA November 22 (06:00 – 12:00) twitch.tv/EeveeA


With chaos and devastation rife around the world, Cassidy receives the call to rejoin Overwatch, but memories of its fall still haunt him. After an unexpected reunion with an old friend, Cassidy considers that maybe Overwatch needs more than the old crew to give it new life…

Read Issue #1 of New Blood now!