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Meet the Top 10 Countries and All Committees

Meet the Top 10 Countries and All Committees

Heroes, you answered the call, and we can now reveal the top 10 countries that will be participating in the 2019 Overwatch® World Cup, as well as the committees for all countries that have made it through Phase 2: Voting.

Top 10 Country Rankings

Here are the top 10 seeds for the 2019 Overwatch World Cup. The top 5 seeds will receive automatic byes into the Group Stage, while all other countries will compete for the final five spots. These 10 teams will receive full support for round-trip airfare, ground transportation to and from the venue, and double-occupancy hotel accommodation. All other teams that are eligible to compete will receive some support for hotels, but are fully responsible for securing their own travel to BlizzCon.

  1. South Korea
  2. Canada
  3. China
  4. France
  5. United States
  6. United Kingdom
  7. Australia
  8. Sweden
  9. Russia
  10. Finland

Your Committees

Here are the committees for all countries who are eligible to come to BlizzCon, as voted on by you, the fans!

General Manager: Mariano "Coro" Coronel

Community Manager: Daiana "Raichu" Pezzati

Coach: Alan "ddx" Salvati

General Manager: Andrew "Rqt" Haws

Community Manager: Jarrod "Frogger" Meredith

Coach: Jordan "Gunba" Graham

General Manager: Dominik "Dom" Göttlinger

Community Manager: Daniel "Surface" Lehner

Coach: Patrick "Wat7" Marwal

General Manager: Vinicius "pOkiz" Zanquetta Costa

Community Manager: Mateus "Portilho" Portilho

Coach: Yuri "Insanityz" da Silva Ribeiro dos Santos

General Manager: Venelin "Vivo" Tontchev

Community Manager: Konstantin "NoThx" Kanev

Coach: Dimitar "Itopata" Staev

General Manager: Justin "Jayne" Conroy

Community Manager: Nathan "KarQ" Chan

Coach: Louis "Tikatee" Lebel-Wong

General Manager: Pablo "KrakeX" Durán Celis

Community Manager: Fabian "Delorean" Cabello

Coach: Angelo "Yiro" Cabezas Campos

General Manager: Huang "Xiaogui" Tsung-Yu

Community Manager: Li "Tutu" Qiong

Coach: Xingrui "RUI" Wang

General Manager: Mario Ricardo "OdinPrime" Guzman Caro

Community Manager: Sandra "LoboMolotov" Herrera

Coach: Mario "Pinguino" Vizcaya

General Manager: Frederik "Huggos" Christensen

Community Manager: Søren "KellerSR" Keller

Coach: Kristian "khave" Have

General Manager: Amged "AmgedOsman" Osman

Community Manager: Ahmed "Drinkiee" Amr

Coach: Omar "Woofy" Omran

General Manager: Topias "Kuhnu" Rantala

Community Manager: Eero "Rockett" Salmi

Coach: Joni "Seita" Paavola

General Manager: Prinderre "DeGuN" Laurent

Community Manager: Mathias "Troma" Szanto

Coach: Quentin "Wrath" Sevegner

General Manager: Izzy "Noukky" Mueller

Community Manager: Viktor "Noserino" Polster

Coach: Julian "ProGi" Maier

General Manager: Konstantinos "Kendar" Gkikas

Community Manager: Ioannis "Drunkenpony" Branidis

Coach: Ilias "iLka" Kaskanetas

General Manager: Derek "MimicOmnic" Kwok

Community Manager: Audrey "ASCII" Yam

Coach: 李鏡泉 "HaRuHi"

General Manager: Vigfus "FÚSI" Olafsson

Community Manager: Melina "QueenofDorkz" Kolka

Coach: Óskar "ELMaestro" Ingólfsson

General Manager: Rushindra "Salbatic" Sinha

Community Manager: Ashwath "Ashr" Ramasubramanian

Coach: Vasu "Method" Chaturvedi

General Manager: Andrew "andy" Bohan

Community Manager: Finn "CelticDemon" Hynes

Coach: Brian "Scrivzy" Scriven

General Manager: Lior "Dawn" Yakobson

Community Manager: Asaf "BubbleGun" Pedro

Coach: Andrey "fragon" Katz

General Manager: Carlo "buddha" Pellegrini

Community Manager: Roberta "MISÂKI" Arnò

Coach: Alessandro "Tenebra" Marenzi

General Manager: MASUMI "みずイロ" FUKUDA

Community Manager: 拓斗 "add0ne" 小野里

Coach: Yuki "Youk" Shimano

General Manager: 황규형 "YongBongTang"

Community Manager: 박시훈 "KOWLime"

Coach: 박대희 "Crusty"

General Manager: Abdullah "Lorpq8" Alotaibi

Community Manager: Yousef "Mcrack" Aziz

Coach: Nasser "ToxiNTV" AlRujaib

General Manager: Leonids "imaleo" Maslovs

Community Manager: Ance "Ench" Mediņa

Coach: Gints "GGMentality" Grasis

General Manager: Kenn "Beagull" Leandre

Community Manager: Sun "megikari" San

Coach: Jack "RagonSEA" Teoh

General Manager: Carla "Souji" Relloso Alvarez

Community Manager: Sofia "Mimelan" Miranda

Coach: Fernando "SanjiG" Gaspare

General Manager: Thomas "Morte" Kerbusch

Community Manager: Hande "MissVizility" Karasu

Coach: Cas "Casores" van Andel

General Manager: Cameron "equinox" Dul

Community Manager: Ayla "Fangetta" Holland

Coach: Matt "Noxious" Sawyer

General Manager: Christer "Iko" Ringelien

Community Manager: Magnus "Lama" Lama

Coach: Mikael "mkL" Skjønhaug

General Manager: Rene "GoochX" Romero

Community Manager: Julio Martín "juliustm" Aria

Coach: Tony "Chou" Chou

General Manager: Julio "Letherin" Vignolo Coria

Community Manager: Maria "Mashap" Hinostroza

Coach: Junnior "Keath" Abad Gamboa

General Manager: Mika "nilavariel" Fabella

Community Manager: Camie "Yumie" Tafalla

Coach: Dathan Allan Keanu "Daks" Rosales

General Manager: Katarzyna "Xandie" Janoszka

Community Manager: Wojciech "Theo" Buda

Coach: Jacek "arek2597" Klajssa

General Manager: Alexandre "sanalex" Simões

Community Manager: Luís "Moove" Silva

Coach: Bruno "GizmomcS" Calapez

General Manager: Robert "Wizo" Lupu

Community Manager: Radu "MicRep" Boia

Coach: Raureanu "ElDonte" Andrei

General Manager: Stanislav "Mistakes" Danilov

Community Manager: Sofia "SofiJonson" Ostrogradskaya

Coach: Дмитрий "Outbreak" Петраков

General Manager: Mohammad "NOTSCAR" As

Community Manager: Salam "ŠÄLÄMØŠÄÜRÜŠ" Hdadi

Coach: Musa "Abu11ibrahim" Kaltham

General Manager: Chun Chieh "TCC" Teo

Community Manager: Nicholas "Caldoran" Tay

Coach: Seetoh "JohnGalt" Jian Qing

General Manager: Sam "TechGirlZA" Wright

Community Manager: Lizelle "VirgoLiz" Smith

Coach: Peter "NOTGROOT" Berens

General Manager: Thibaut "Tibix" Durand Rossi

Community Manager: Beatriz "kaquka" Alonso

Coach: Pablo José "DarkZero" Ramos Alonso

General Manager: Lisa "LIZLIN" Lingvall

Community Manager: David "Snipzy" Sundbergh

Coach: Johan "CWoosH" Klingestedt

General Manager: Sandro "Sharper" Nowoczin

Community Manager: Andreas "BeFroz3n" Dürler

Coach: Aris "LUFT" Galli

General Manager: 潘家豪 "Graves"

Community Manager: 王人弘 "Restya"

Coach: 高偉騰 "kant"

General Manager: Areeya "aumimchun" Manamunchaiyaporn

Community Manager: Aunya "Klarion" Wettayawong

Coach: จิรวัฒน์ "HeadHawk" กะลัมพะนันทน์

General Manager: Tom "Stylosa" Stewart

Community Manager: James "BadPachimari" Lindsay

Coach: Elliott "Hayes" Hayes

General Manager: Analynn "bawlynn" Dang

Community Manager: Vinit "Fresh" patel

Coach: Aaron "Aero" Atkins

What's Next

With Phase 2 of the Overwatch World Cup program concluded, it’s now time for Phase 3—player selection. Teams will have from June 13–July 14 to hold player tryouts and craft the perfect roster to represent their nation. Rules and Team Guide will be provided to the teams directly early in this next stage in order to allow them to build their rosters, with full awareness of the competition rules, prizing details, travel and hospitality scope of support, and etc.

Committees will submit their potential player list on or before July 14, which may contain up to 12 players, for Blizzard to verify and approve. The committee will select and confirm the final 7 players and committee members who will travel to the live event and receive complimentary access to BlizzCon by July 26.

Keep Your Finger on the Pulse

For more information about the Overwatch World Cup program, including our FAQ section, check out the announcement blog. Follow the @owpathtopro Twitter, and check the Overwatch World Cup website for updates as we get closer to BlizzCon. If there are any questions or concerns, you’re welcome to reach out to us.

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