At its height, Overwatch possessed one of the most advanced armaments on the planet, which could be traced to the workshop of an ingenious engineer named Torbjörn Lindholm.


Gothenburg, Sweden

Sep 21 (Age: 59)


Rivet GunForge HammerDeploy TurretOverloadMolten Core

Rivet Gun

Primary Fire Slow firing, long-ranged weapon. Secondary Fire Inaccurate but powerful short-range weapon.

Forge Hammer

Swing to repair your turret or damage an enemy.

Deploy Turret

Deploy a self-building turret.


Gain additional extra health as well as improved attack, movement, and reload speed.

Molten Core

Create pools of molten slag that damage enemies. Deals additional damage to armor.

Keys displayed are defaults for PC. They are configurable in game.


As one of the world’s top engineers, Torbjörn Lindholm’s inventions were crucial to ending the Omnic Crisis, and kept Overwatch at the cutting edge of weapons technology for decades. In recent years, his “adoption” of a curious Bastion unit has led him to question his antipathy to robots and omnics, even as he works to stop his creations from falling into the wrong hands.

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Before the Omnic Crisis, Torbjörn had gained notoriety for designing weapons systems used by countries around the world. However, his belief that technology must serve a better vision for humanity put him at odds with his employers, who desired to control his weapons using networked computer intelligence.

Torbjörn had a deep mistrust of sentient robotic intelligence, and while many of his peers wrote this off as paranoia, his worst fears were realized when the robot populations of the world turned against their human creators during the Omnic Crisis. Because of his engineering genius, he joined the original Overwatch strike team, and his many inventions proved integral to ending the crisis. In the years that followed, Overwatch became an international peacekeeping force, and Torbjörn remained a critical resource for all of its technological needs and signature weapons systems. Among the work that bears his seal are Reinhardt Wilhelm’s evolved Crusader armor, Ana Amari’s biotic rifle, and the system that helped stop Null Sector’s assault on King’s Row.


In the aftermath of Overwatch's fall, many of Torbjörn's weapons—from his days in Overwatch and long before—were stolen or stashed away around the world. He pursued the misuse of these weapons wherever they occurred, even confronting and disabling a retrofitted Titan unit terrorizing Boklovo, which was being piloted by an old colleague.

But not all his weapons have come to bad ends. In Europe, his daughter Brigitte chose to carry on his legacy by serving as squire and armorer for Reinhardt Wilhelm, who continues to fight on the side of justice. And in his native Sweden, Torbjörn came face to face with an oddly peaceful Bastion unit that threw his jaded perspective into disarray. The once-lethal killing machine had befriended local wildlife, inexplicably growing beyond its original wartime protocols. Torbjörn “adopted” the curious Bastion unit, and their close relationship led the engineer to question his antipathy toward robots, AI, and omnics.

Feeling responsible for his creations, Torbjörn is determined to stop them from falling into the wrong hands and wreaking havoc on the innocent.

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