Rebuilt from an OR15 defense robot by Efi Oladele, Orisa has grown into the defender of her home city of Numbani. Her fortified armor, energy javelin, and augmented fusion driver make her a force to be reckoned with.




Augmented Fusion DriverEnergy JavelinFortifyJavelin SpinTerra Surge

Augmented Fusion Driver

Automatic heat based weapon. Deals more damage at closer range.

Energy Javelin

Launch your javelin at an enemy to stun and knock them back. More effective if the enemy hits a wall.


Gain temporary health, reducing all damage taken and becoming unstoppable. While active, heat generated by your weapon is reduced.

Javelin Spin

Spin your javelin to destroy projectiles and block melee attacks, while also pushing enemies and increasing forward speed.

Terra Surge

Sweep in enemies and anchor down, gaining the effects of Fortify and charging up a surge of damage. Use Q to unleash the surge early.

Keys displayed are defaults for PC. They are configurable in game.

Origin Story

Built by eleven-year-old genius Efi Oladele, Orisa was created to defend the city of Numbani from all threats. When the duo successfully repelled an attack from Talon’s Doomfist, they became known as national heroes. Now, Orisa stands ready to protect those in need, using her power for good.

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