As Miko of the Kanezaka shrine and daughter of the Shimada's former swordmaster, Kiriko Kamori channels both her spiritual and ninja skills to heal her fractured city.


Kanezaka, Japan

Jul 7 (Age: 21)


Healing OfudaKunaiSwift StepProtection SuzuKitsune Rush

Healing Ofuda

Channel a burst of healing talismans that can seek targeted allies.


Thrown projectile that deals increased critical damage.

Swift Step

Teleport directly to an ally.

Protection Suzu

Throw a protective charm to make allies become briefly invulnerable and cleansed of most negative effects.

Kitsune Rush

Summon a fox spirit that rushes forward, accelerating the movement, attack speed, and cooldowns of allies that follow in its path.

Keys displayed are defaults for PC. They are configurable in game.

Origin Story

Kiriko learned the deadly art of ninjutsu from her mother, Asa. When the Shimada clan fell, the rival Hashimoto took Kiriko’s father hostage. For her safety, Kiriko moved in with her grandmother, who taught her the art of healing. Years later, Kiriko has returned home to free her community from the cruel grip of the Hashimoto.


Kiriko’s childhood was shaped by the many powerful figures in her life. She swept the floors of the Kanezaka shrine for her grandmother, and learned about her connection to the fox spirit. Her father was a famous bladesmith for the Shimada, and her mother, Asa, was their swordmaster. As such, Kiriko trained alongside Hanzo and Genji Shimada, whom her mother also instructed. Kiriko was treated like family, with Genji being especially fond of the young girl. They shared a love of mischief, filching sweets from the kitchen and pulling pranks on anyone too stuffy to appreciate their humor. Genji taught her the ins and outs of the Shimada Castle and even introduced her to the local arcade.

But Kiriko’s peaceful world would soon be shattered.


When she was twelve years old, the head of the clan, Sojiro Shimada, was assassinated by the rival Hashimoto clan. As rumors raged in Hanamura and Kanezaka regarding the supposed demise of Genji and flight of Hanzo, the Hashimoto took over.

The Hashimoto recognized the potential threat posed by Kiriko’s family and acted quickly, kidnapping Kiriko’s father and forcing him to supply weapons for their clan. Alone and with her hands tied, Asa was unable to fight back. To protect her daughter, she sent Kiriko to her grandmother and changed her family name to Kamori—Asa’s given name.

Under her grandmother’s care, Kiriko forged a close and lasting connection to the fox spirit, serving as a shrine maiden. But by the time beloved grandmother passed away, Kiriko had caught on to her parents’ predicament, and to the spreading pain the Hashimoto were inflicting on Kanezaka. From Tokyo, Toshiro supported Kiriko’s feelings and fed intel to Asa through handwritten letters. Witnessing years of the Hashimotos’ injustice, Kiriko vowed to restore peace to her town.


Kiriko wasn’t the only one seeking an end to the Hashimoto. A group of young troublemakers calling themselves the Yōkai of Hanamura were doing what they could to hinder the clan, mostly through minor vandalism. With Kiriko’s intelligence and natural leadership newly added in, the Yōkai became more and more a thorn in the Hashimoto’s side. They ambushed Hashimoto businesses, disrupted supply lines, and constantly undermined them through strategic attacks. But no matter how hard the Hashimoto press, the Yōkai seem to slip through their fingers. Perhaps this is the citizens of Kanezaka protecting their own, or perhaps the small gang really are as powerful as the spirits from whom they take their name.

Wherever the truth lies, Kiriko continues to fight, both for the peace the Hashimoto stole from her long ago, and for a future free of fear for the people of Kanezaka.

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