One of the founding members of Overwatch, Ana uses her skills and expertise to defend her home and the people she cares for. Equipped with a versatile arsenal, she wields her sniper rifle to aid allies and damage enemies from across the battlefield.


Cairo, Egypt


Biotic RifleSleep DartBiotic GrenadeNano Boost

Biotic Rifle

Primary Fire Long-range rifle that heals allies and damages enemies. Secondary Fire Hold to zoom in.

Sleep Dart

Fires a dart that puts an enemy to sleep.

Biotic Grenade

Throws a grenade that heals and increases healing on allies, while damaging and preventing healing on enemies.

Nano Boost

Increases an ally's damage, while reducing damage taken.

Keys displayed are defaults for PC. They are configurable in game.

Origin Story

A founding member of Overwatch and once renowned as the greatest sniper in the world, Ana Amari comes from a long line of decorated military veterans. Though she was thought to have perished in a firefight with Talon, Ana has rejoined the fray to protect her country, family, and closest allies.

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