Celebrate Pride in Overwatch 2

Director’s Take – Reflecting on the future of Overwatch 2

Exploring a New Universe in Starwatch: Galactic Rescue

Become a Hero of the Galaxy in Starwatch – Now Live

View Patch Notes

Building on the Fun with New Overwatch 2 Drops on Twitch!

Earn a new spray and souvenir when you watch your favorite creators on Twitch!

8 May 2023

Director's Take - A continued look at Lifeweaver

Aaron Keller continues to explore into the development of Lifeweaver and how he grows in the Overwatch 2 metagame

5 May 2023

Talantis – the community-made map is now live to play!

Pitfalls, jump pads, and giant fish are among the crazy ideas our community came up with in this limited-time control map.

25 April 2023

Director’s Take - Lifeweaver’s Growth and Balance

Game Director Aaron Keller is back with another update about Lifeweaver and how he is growing into the Overwatch 2 metagame

21 April 2023

Matchmaking update: Season three retrospective and future plans

Matchmaking continues to be a high priority for our team as we move our way into season four.

20 April 2023

Defense Matrix – Driving Positivity in Overwatch

In our latest update, see how we have made an impact to stop cheating and disruptive play in Overwatch 2.

18 April 2023

Rep your favorite Overwatch 2 hero with new avatars!

Choose from the roster of redesigned characters to give your profile a fresh look.

11 April 2023

Tune in for the Overwatch 2 Flash Ops: Lifeweaver Invitational

Overwatch League pros and top content creators compete in an exciting double-elimination tournament featuring Overwatch 2’s newest support hero

7 April 2023

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