Get ready for trickster fun with the Mischief & Magic event – now live!

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Get ready for trickster fun with the Mischief & Magic event – now live!

Alchemist Mei needs your help! The mischievous Rogue Kiriko is causing trouble throughout Overland. She’s taken one of her valuable artifacts allowing her to transform into more than a dozen objects. It’s up to Royal Guard Genji to stop her before she can get away, but it will take sharp wits and a keen eye to find her in our newest event, Mischief & Magic!

Mischief & Magic is a "prop-hunt" style game mode consisting of two teams of five taking turns hiding from the knights or seeking out the rogues. In order to win the round, the rogues must avoid being caught and tagged by the knights before time runs out. On the other side, the knights must find all five rogues before time expires to score. Teams swap sides every round, and the first team to three wins is the victor.

Keep Calm, Stay Sly

As rogues, you and your teammates won’t be able to attack, but you can jump, double-jump, and wall-climb around the map as you sneak to find the perfect hiding spot. Then simply transform into a randomly chosen prop!  For the rest of the match, you can either continue to sneak around or stop in place and look around in the third-person view. Beware of the whistle that sounds if you remain stagnant for too long!

If one of the Genji is getting too close, you are not defenseless—you can stun Genji and make a run for it to try and find a new hiding spot. But if caught, you’re eliminated. Only one rogue needs to remain uncaught for your team to win that round.


Catch the thief

When playing as the royal knights, you’ll need to be quick and observant. The map will have dozens of randomly placed props, with the rogues hiding amongst them. You’ll have access to your melee and Swift Strike skills, but you can also use your ultimate if you can power it up.

So be sure to check every object (including rocks and trees) and listen for the cheeky calls from the prideful rogues who think they have outsmarted you. Find all five Rogues before time runs out to win the round.

New challenges and treasures await

Throughout the Mischief & Magic event, players will be able to take part in fresh challenges to earn all-new rewards. Play the new Mischief & Magic game mode and complete event challenges to earn new player icons and a weapon charm. Or queue up for any game mode, including Mischief & Magic, to earn new voice lines for Junker Queen and Roadhog. Either way, when you complete at least six event challenges, you’ll unlock the new Spiritwarder Epic skin for Ana and up to 50,000 Battle Pass XP.


The Mischief & Magic event is live today! Also, be sure to jump into our last week of Season 5 for a Double XP event all week long. It’s a great time to complete the Premium Battle Pass and unlock the Mythic Adventurer Tracer Skin. Hurry, this season—and all rewards—magically disappear on August 9.