Symmetra literally bends reality. By manipulating hard-light constructs, she crafts the world as she wishes it to be, in hopes of engineering a perfect society.


Utopaea, India

Oct 2 (Age: 30)


Photon ProjectorSentry TurretTeleporterPhoton Barrier

Photon Projector

Primary Fire Short-range beam weapon with increasing damage. Secondary Fire Hold to charge, release to fire explosive orb.

Sentry Turret

Deploy a small turret that damages and slows enemies.


Create two temporary teleporters that enable instant travel between them.

Photon Barrier

Deploy a massive energy barrier.

Keys displayed are defaults for PC. They are configurable in game.

Origin Story

As an “architech” for the Vishkar Corporation, Symmetra weaves hard-light architectural constructs, creating buildings and infrastructure from thin air. Vishkar also sends her on clandestine missions around the world to uphold their corporate interests, leading her to wonder whether the control and order she desires--and Vishkar represents--are truly best for humanity.

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Following the Omnic Crisis, the Vishkar Corporation of southern India began the laborious process of creating new, self-sustaining cities to house the nation's displaced population. One such city, Utopaea, was created using radical hard-light technology that enabled its architechs to shape the city's streets, utilities, and living spaces in the blink of an eye.

After she was identified as one of the few capable of becoming a light-bending architech, young Satya Vaswani was plucked from extreme poverty and placed in the care of Vishkar's architech academy, never to return home. Isolated and lonely in her new life, Satya immersed herself in her education and training. She quickly grasped the applications of the technology and was one of the top students in her class. Satya approached hard-light manipulation differently than her peers, with their more procedural, mechanical constructions, instead weaving her constructs in the motions of the traditional dance of her homeland.


Though she was one of Utopaea's top architechs, the Vishkar Corporation saw far greater potential in Satya's abilities. Giving her the moniker "Symmetra," Vishkar sent her on clandestine missions around the world to uphold its corporate interests and expand its influence into other countries. One of these missions was in Rio de Janeiro, where Vishkar was in the running to design a new city center. The company sent Symmetra to obtain leverage to use against a rival developer, but Symmetra assured her handlers that the competition was clean. In response, Vishkar destroyed their rival’s offices, resulting in civilian casualties.

Symmetra’s faith in Vishkar was further rocked by her experiences in Suravasa, where Vishkar construction had caused a tremor that damaged a statue at a local temple. In a peacekeeping measure, Vishkar sent its top architech to repair the damages. Instead of providing a mere symbolic gesture, Symmetra spent time with Tekhartha Zenyatta and other Shambali pilgrims residing there. Her experience with the Shambali inspired her to repair a damaged statue with her unique weaving of hard-light and original material.

Symmetra believes her actions—and those of Vishkar—serve the greater good in society. But there are times when she wonders whether the order Vishkar desires is truly best for humanity.

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