As a leader in the bygone days of Overwatch, Vivian Chase, callsign Sojourn, is determined to ensure its new heroes don’t repeat the mistakes of the past.


Toronto, Canada


RailgunPower SlideDisruptor ShotOverclock


Primary Fire Rapid firing projectiles that generate energy on hit. Secondary Fire High impact shot that consumes stored energy.

Power Slide

Ground slide that can cancel into a high jump.

Disruptor Shot

Launch an energy burst that deals damage to enemies within it.


Railgun energy auto-charges for a short duration and charged shots pierce enemies.

Keys displayed are defaults for PC. They are configurable in game.

Origin Story

From soldier to Overwatch Captain to veteran, Sojourn has devoted her life to helping those who would be made victims by the evils of the world. Her extensive cybernetic augmentations enhanced her innate strategic skills and prowess on the battlefield made her Overwatch’s most skilled tactician. Now on her own, she faces new challenges... and new dangers.


Vivian Chase grew up in a small, tight-knit Toronto neighborhood, the daughter of ex-military parents. Born with a rare, terminal auto-immune disease that caused her body to attack its own organs, Vivian spent much of her childhood and teenaged years in and out of hospitals. Her parents had gotten her interested in military strategy from a young age, so she spent hours reading books and playing strategy simulations while recovering from various surgical procedures.

Her case eventually caught the attention of Elaine Esat, a doctor pioneering a highly experimental treatment for Vivian’s disease. As part of the treatment, Vivian had her affected organs and limbs replaced with state-of-the-art cybernetic ones. The treatments gave Vivian a new life.

Vivian followed in her parents’ footsteps and became an officer in the Canadian Armed Forces, where she gained a reputation as a tactical ace. At the start of the Omnic Crisis, she was conscripted into Special Forces . Her daring strategies—which often played out deep behind enemy lines—saved countless lives, and her squad nicknamed her “Sojourn.”


When Canada was in its darkest hour, Vivian’s unit partnered with the nascent Overwatch, working with Jack Morrison, Torbjörn Lindholm, and Dr. Mina Liao to push the omnic forces out of Toronto. The combined efforts of Sojourn and Overwatch not only repelled the omnics from Canada, but also led to the decommissioning of the Detroit Omnium, a major victory for humanity.

Vivian received numerous commendations for heroism and leadership, but after the war, she still felt her mission wasn’t over. She requested a transfer to a counterterrorism unit within the Canadian Special Forces, where she helped with the takedown of Ontario United, an anti-omnic hate group.

Sojourn’s skills and her commitment to the rule of law proved she was exactly what Overwatch needed in a post-Crisis world. Morrison recruited her with the promise that her position could make a global difference. She soon gained a reputation as an empathetic, clear-headed tactician with exceptional concern for the people she led into battle. Vivian spent a considerable amount of time with Overwatch’s ground troops as well, and over time, she became one of Overwatch’s most trusted leaders.


However, the longer Vivian spent with Overwatch, the less satisfied she became with its politics. She felt that the organization had lost its way.. She said as much when the United Nations launched an internal investigation of Overwatch, which culminated in a series of public hearings. Vivian spoke truthfully about her experiences, and her testimony proved pivotal in passing the Petras Act and ending Overwatch.

After the hearings, Vivian settled into early, uneasy retirement with her rescue dog, Murphy. The cybernetic hero who saved Canada from threat after threat has earned herself some peace. But Vivian Chase was never one who fought for glory—she fought because she was needed, and should that need arise again, Sojourn will meet it.

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