The brutal leader of Null Sector will stop at nothing to see his vision for the world realized.


Shambali Monastery, Nepal (formerly)

Mar 29 (Age: 28)


Void Accelerator (Omnic Form)Void Barrier (Omnic Form)Pummel (Nemesis Form)Ravenous VortexAnnihilation

Void Accelerator (Omnic Form)

Fire a stream of projectiles.

Void Barrier (Omnic Form)

Create a barrier at the targeted location.

Pummel (Nemesis Form)

Punch, creating a wave of piercing energy with every swing.

Ravenous Vortex

Fire a sphere of energy that creates a slowing vortex on the ground, damaging enemies within and pulling them downward.


Enter Nemesis Form and create a deadly swarm that lashes out at nearby enemies, persisting longer when damaging enemies.

Keys displayed are defaults for PC. They are configurable in game.

Origin Story


Ramattra was never designed to co-exist with humanity. The Ravager omnic series was created early in the Omnic Crisis, part of a commander class of omnics whose role was to guide units into combat and adapt various strategic protocols to battlefield condition changes in real time.

After the Crisis, Ramattra heard rumors of a mysterious omnic named Aurora—the first of their kind. Intrigued and seeking direction, Ramattra embarked on a pilgrimage to the Shambali Monastery in Nepal, a place where Aurora was said to have resided. Ramattra survived the harsh journey and was welcomed by Tekhartha Mondatta. Choosing to become a monk of the Shambali, Ramattra studied under Mondatta for years, learning about the Iris—the mysterious phenomenon at the heart of the monks’ teachings—and the importance of coexisting with humans.

Years later, Ramattra began venturing outside the temple seeking enlightenment. It was on one of his journeys that he met an omnic named Zenyatta whom he guided to Shambali, in hopes the omnic would find purpose there as he did. However, as time wore on, Ramattra failed to see true progress in the monks’ mission of peace. The Shambali urged Ramattra to be patient, but all around him, Ramattra saw his people dying . . . and no one taking action.


Ramattra knew he could follow the Shambali teachings no longer. He left the temple, seeking out omnics fighting in secret around the world and protecting them from the abuse of humans. The truths he shared with those he met inspired others and over time he gained an underground following of these hurt and angry omnics. Ramattra initially focused on building loyalty in his followers, but true radicalization and militarization would not be far behind.

Soon Ramattra’s forces were large enough to warrant a test. The target was London, to liberate the omnics there and see how his forces would perform to a world nearly two decades after the Omnic Crisis. Null Sector was ultimately defeated by Overwatch, a scenario Ramattra did not anticipate since Overwatch was forbidden to operate in the country. In addition, the omnics of London did not support the sacrifices on their behalf, going so far as to denounce the actions of Null Sector.

It’s been years since Ramattra—or Null Sector—was last seen. But now, for reasons unknown, Null Sector has appeared in the skies over Paris, Busan, and Rio. What’s certain is that Ramattra will see his plans for the future of omnics through . . . whatever the cost.

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